Celebration Cake

The Yummy Kitchen Co Celebration Cake makes every occasion a celebration! Always appreciated as a gift for any occasion or celebration. For Birthdays, Thank You’s, Christmas, Easter or any time, the perfect gift for friends and family.
Or simply, indulge yourself!

Available at leading supermarkets.

Celebration Cake

Every Mouthful is a Celebration.

Available all year round, our Classic Celebration Cake has made its mark as the biggest selling cake in Australia. The Yummy Kitchen Co took the traditional fruitcake and gave it a modern twist – filled with sun-soaked glacé fruit, steeped in brandy, mixed with nuts, flour, sugar and essences and baked to perfection.
Celebrate every time you taste it!
“We guarantee that we only use the very best ingredients for your full satisfaction. Each of our cakes uses a different combination of fruit and nuts to assure an individual taste.”

The Yummy Kitchen Co Team

Celebration Cake

About Us

Established originally in 1988 as “The Classic Cake”, it was soon on supermarket shelves in Australia. In the early 90’s the first export shipment of 8000 cakes was off to the UK and Tesco Supermarkets. During the 1997 ANUGA Food Fair in Cologne, Germany the name was changed from ‘Classic’ to ‘Australian Celebration Cake’ and from that moment the Celebration Cake was up and running. Since then The Yummy Kitchen Co has exported its famous cake to New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE.
Celebration Cake
Celebration Cake
Celebration Cake
All of the UK’s major supermarkets have carried the Celebration Cake. In Australia, its customer base is legendary. Regular requests from customers made The Yummy Kitchen Co realise that the Cake could be enjoyed at all times, not just Christmas. In 2001 the first container of Cakes was shipped to the UK for Easter.
Enjoyed all year round, the Australian Celebration Cake is what its original name was…”CLASSIC”.
In its state of the art premises in South Australia The Yummy Kitchen Co continues to produce a World Beater with a ‘Taste of Australian Sunshine’.
Celebration Cake

Our Ingredients

Sun-soaked glace fruit steeped in brandy, mixed with nuts, flour, sugar, eggs and essences, and then baked to perfection. The fruits and nuts include Apricots, Pineapple, Pears, Peaches, Cherries, Sultanas, Dates, Cashews, Brazil Nuts and Almonds. Baked, glazed and decorated and lovingly placed in its air-tight container ready to go out to the world.

700g Cake, per 50g slice

Energy: 728kj

Protein: 3.9g

Fat, total : 4g

-Saturated 0.9g

Serves per Packaging: 14

Carbohydrates, total 29.2g

-Sugars 26.5g

Sodium 59.5mg

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Address: 307 Hanson Road Wingfield,
South Australia 5013, Australia

Phone: (08) 8244 5550 (Int’l: +61 8 8244 5550)